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Thomas J Bellezza

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Thomas J Bellezza


I write a large majority of original content but am always willing and ready to collaborate as well as take on ghostwriting jobs.

Thomas J Bellezza

Thomas J Bellezza
TITLE : SHE (2006*)
GENRE : Poetry

This book is a collection of old and new poetry, lyrics, and philosophical thoughts that have been compiling over the years since 2006. In addition to new material, I have gone back and included revised versions of the poems from "SHE" published in 2006.

The song lyrics are from my studio band, "ALTAYON". Not all lyrics are from releases songs that have been recorded. They are lyrics that had never made it to the music process but are still very much a part of me.

Any song in this book that is available for the public to listen to will be mark to identify it. Some of the poems from "SHE" were also turned into songs over the years and they will be marked too.

* The attached image is for the revised version not yet available. Releasing this book as intended with artwork revised as well. New version will be released in 2018.

GENRE : Philosophy

As most people know, I am a consultant at my company, BBR Productions, and one of the things I teach is TAC: The Art of Conversation. This is the study of how we speak with one another, but more importantly the idea of building relationships with individuals over a short period of time into a long lasting relationship.

I have worked on studying people for over 20 years of my life. I began at 16 years of age watching how people react and what makes them choose their responses. I believe a world of peace can be solidified with knowledge.

This is a book that explores how the dynamics of relationships work, philosophies of finding inner peace, and ways to bring unity to those around you. This is a journey to find peace in harmony...

GENRE : Self Help

The idea of having a dream is beautiful. The process of developing that dream into a viable career is hard work. This book spends time walking the reader through a detailed process in helping to prepare and develop a foundation to allow an individual to take calculated chances.

Additionally it focuses on creating success through networking, marketing, and practicing both one's particular craft/skills and how to run a career, and life, as a business. Everyone deserves a chance to make a living in the career of their passion.

Subjects explored
• 3 Needs of Success (Network / Market / Practice) These are the 3 fundamentals to acquire success in life. Through building and cultivating relationships, inform the public of your brand and message, while working to improve your talents.

• TAC (The Art of Conversation) Master the power of How to say it, When to say it, and Why to say it! The power to say YES comes with the understanding of hearing NO.

• Managing Your Life (Time, Money and People) Controlling a career comes from mastering time management. This includes understanding how money works and where and when to organize earnings and budget expenses. Let the value of your inner circle of 5 add to your purpose.

Thomas J Bellezza
GENRE : Fantasy

"The Maven Wars; Birth Of Death" is book 1 of 3 in this series. It is a journey from the perspective of Devious Morean: A berserker born of royalty helping to fight an endless battle against his half brother, Maven Morean.

This war takes over the known world and consumes life in a plague of hopelessness. The Maven armies are rootless warriors, monsters, and trained killers lead by a desire to take control of life and destroy the world it lives in.

Devious learns a great deal about his father as he travels across oceans of time, from a young man till he is a grown warrior finding the strength to bring his people together. But all this at the cost of learning his father's past in his victories; was the King killed by Maven justified once the truth is revealed?


Thomas J Bellezza
GENRE : Fantasy

"The Maven Wars; RISE OF FALL" is book 2 of 3 in this series. The child who would eventually be Xandea's most profoundly malevolent conqueror has a beginning. Born a bastard into a failed family he is raised by his mother and left destitute to survive.

Maven Morean dedicated his life to mastering war at its core; placing fear into the hearts of Gods. For his living purpose was to stand triumphantly over his enemies' pale will. His quest leads into paths unknown where he discovers his strength for victory.

What sparked Maven forward was a sense of emptiness. In darkness he sought fulfillment by feeding every urge to bring death to the world around him: war was his fuel. Follow the preordained destiny of Maven's birth into the overlord forever doomed into falling at the hands of Devious Morean.

GENRE : Fantasy

"The Maven Wars; Hope Of Truth" is book 3 of 3 in this series. This story picks up six months after Devious fought Maven in his citadel with a man named Michael living with amnesia. He awakes lost in the mountains with only rags and a noose around his neck.

The Kingdom of Salacess has risen in power under Devious Morean, now King. Leading his people from the capital of Almador as they push forward and destroy the remaining armies. Delusional soldiers of Maven fight back in the name of their deceased emperor.

With certain areas of the world still occupied by factions of Maven's soldiers, Michael finds his calling, climbing the ranks of the legendary Knights of Salacess, while finishing what Devious had begun. With each victory and success Michael slowly loses the battle within and remembers his tenebrous past.


GENRE : Fantasy

"Temple Of Torin; Shenmi" is book 1 of 3 in this series. Galisse led the Kingdoms of Almador into a united front. With a foreseen prophecy connected to his father's banishment, the Gods of Torin rest easy. Their greatest fears are now trapped in an eternity of mortality, protected by Galisse.

With the birth of Jonathin, that which had been foretold, will inevitable change. A greater power flows within visions leading him down a path familiarly unknown. What lurks in the deepest corners of his mind will unleash vengeance on Torin.

A battle of constitutional fortitude leads both sides down a fight of time. Will Jonathin find it within himself to take control back to uncover Galisse's true plan. Or is the truth that Jonathin's actions are villainous in nature and his actions are not his own.


GENRE : Fantasy

"Temple Of Torin; Jonathin" is book 2 of 3 in this series. After the events unfolded from his battle within, Johnathin's life forever changed. Learning the truth of his existence caused a downfall in his path. Friends now enemies, enemies became allies and he is left broken and unsure.

Depression flows through his will. Lost and without purpose his power is taken away. Can he find the strength to do what is right? Breaking free from his self inflicted prison of doubt? Jonathin must stand with his most hated nemesis and battle a God.

Unsure if he has a soul, death could mean eternal damnation. His mortality holds him back, his bravery fighting to free him of fear. Can his actions make a difference to help mold the future of mankind? Or will he fall in battle for a promise he can never fulfill?

• Delkiess is a God, born of the blood of Telmorn
• Jonathin is searching for Delkiess to grant him power
• His goal is to face off against Shenmi and his elemental family
• Destroying Shenmi to keep him from taking out the Gods and to avenge his family, friends

GENRE : Fantasy

"Temple Of Torin; Delkiess" is book 3 of 3 in this series. Defeated and alone, Jonathin is abandoned by Galisse. With no army to stand with, it is time to look for strength within. With only his father's sword in hand he must look beyond a blade's justice for solutions.

Banished into exile under false accusations, he is forced to fend for himself. He must battle against time to find hope in faith. From the dripping tears of Telmorn comes Delkiess: the blood of Altayon. A God birthed of existence in the streaming conscious upon purpose.

Shenmi stands with his brethren to dissolve Torin and reclaim the world in his likeness. With the six elements unite in harmony they are destine to corrupt the nature of life. Will Jonathin destroy Shenmi to keep him from taking out the Gods while avenging his family, friends, and those fallen before him...

Thomas J Bellezza


Thomas J Bellezza

"Laughter is the Cure" is a foundation that was started to cure Multiple Sclerosis, or any form of Cancer. All donations get divided equally into a few well known associations. Please feel free to go to these foundations and donate directly to them. Cancel us out as the middle man. The faster they get funding, the sooner we'll see a cure. Peace in harmony

Prevent Cancer Foundation

Multiple Sclerosis Foundation

Susan G. Komen for the Cure

American Cancer Society

Items used to film youtube videos

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