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Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza

The truth is, there is nothing more powerful than a simple string of words strategically sprinkled over with a perfect amount of context. Kingdoms have been built up and fallen to ruin when certain people speak guilefully with their tongue into the right dance of words.

Words are enlightening, conjuring of the heart's most intense fears, or collected thoughts of a somber emotional strength. We tend to look to words for a calm guidance for a smooth release in times of need.

My whole short life is founded on learning the value of the English lexicon. And even still, I am left to my own will humbly learning to evolve my understanding of how complex the written word is to comprehend. "She" is a modest attempt to bring together a vivid collection of words purposefully plopped together in a stream of consciousness laid out from my soul's mind to this paper in one long train of thought; Sort of like that last sentence.

In other words... This book is a collection of old and new poetry, lyrics, and philosophical thoughts that have been compiling over the years since 2006. In addition to new material, I have gone back and included revised versions of poems previously released. Any song lyrics are from my studio band, "ALTAYON". This musical project is a "Progressively Theatrical Doom Metal" band, so yeah... Say that ten times fast!

Downloadable songs are marked (MUSIC) and are all FREE! A big THANK YOU for purchasing SHE. You have my deepest appreciation and complete gratitude! May love, life, and kindness find solace in you. Peace in harmony, truth in action...


Born in New York, Thomas J. Bellezza began his youth studying art and design. His musical project "TENEbRAE" grew in popularity and toured all around America and Canada from 1997 till 2007.

After retiring from a successful music career he took to stand up comedy and helped raise money for cancer research, multiple sclerosis foundations and helped bring in funding through performances.

His first produced theater show "Letter of Reason" hit the stage and was on the news with rave reviews. This lead to more projects including cast as the lead Hamlet in the production of "Hamlet,".

Thomas headed to Brooklyn and with his development team lead projects; "The Super Hero Villain", "All In The Course", "The Monologue Chronicles" and more. He even joined SAG-AFTRA.

For the 2017 Pitch Fest. The project "The Circle" was 1 of 12 projects chosen from 15,000 entries. Now his team is developing several television shows "The Circle", "21:3", "Laundry", and "Success 101".
Thomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J. BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J BellezzaThomas J Bellezza
Thomas J Bellezza
taking control of your career
birth of death
rise of fall
hope of truth
Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza Thomas J Bellezza
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